Комплект Polycom 2200-16155-015

Цена: 23450 руб

Артикул: 2200-16155-015
Доставка: от 800 р. по Москве
Наличие:В наличии

Указанная цена актуальна при заказе от 25 000 руб., при заказе на меньшую сумму, стоимость может измениться в сторону увеличения.

Комплект - 2 выносных микрофона для SoundStation2 EX с кабелями для подключения к консоли.

Extended Microphones for SoundStation2 (mics only) that expand room coverage to your SoundStation2. You'll now be able to cover larger rooms with the SoundStation2™ EX extension microphones! Key improvements and additions to the award-winning original SoundStation microphone, include better voice pick-up and more natural, simultaneous two-way conversation. Now you can speak in a normal tone, and be heard clearly up to 10 feet away. This means no straining your ears and asking callers to repeat themselves!
Smart technology, Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR), provides maximum microphone sensitivity, while minimizing distracting background and room noise. In addition, you get 360-degree coverage with intelligent mixing — so only the microphone closest to the speaker is on for crystal clear conferencing.  OfficeLife has a full range of Polycom conference phone accessories available.           

2 Extension microphones — will greatly improve your voice pick up in larger rooms.

  • 50% more microphone sensitivity — allows you to speak in a normal voice and be heard clearly up to 3m away from the microphones. Eliminates ear strain and repetition.
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction — is designed to minimize distracting room and background noise.
  • Intelligent microphone mixing — allows only the microphone closest to the person speaking to be on for crystal clear conferencing.


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