Шлюз Planet VIP-880FO

Цена: 39950 руб

Артикул: VIP-880FO
Доставка: от 800 р. по Москве
Наличие:В наличии
8-Port VoIP Gateway (8*FXO) - SIP/H323 Dual Protocol

   The PLANET VIP-880FO VoIP Gateway is fully both SIP and H.323 standard compliant residential gateway that provides a total solution for integrating voice-data network and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), not only provides quality voice communications, but also offers secure, reliable Internet sharing capabilities for daily voice and Internet communications.

   With advanced DSP processor (TI) and cutting edge VoIP technology, the PLANET VIP-880FO is capable of handling both SIP and the H.323 calls. With up to 8 registrations to the SIP proxy or H.323 Gatekeeper, the VIP-880FO is able to make calls to either H.323 or SIP voice communication environment. The VIP-880FO is equipped with a LAN port Ethernet switch and built-in NAT router function that provides Internet access using only one IP address; with these features, users can now enjoy high quality voice calls and secure Internet access without interfering with routine activities.

   Meanwhile, the PLANET VIP series are designed in comfort, ease-of-use with a sophisticated, and satisfied for customers. The VIP-880FO not only inherits traditions of quality voice communications and real-time fax data over IP networks, but the VIP-880FO also eliminates the need of human resource deployment in VoIP network. With optimized H.323/SIP architecture, the PLANET VIP-880FO is the ideal choices for P2P voice chat and ITSP cost-saving solution, moreover, it also provide network-converting feature to translate the packet network into traditional PBX system.

   With built-in PPPoE/DHCP/DDNS clients, up to 8 concurrent connections in VIP-880FO, voice communications can be established in anywhere around the world. The PLANET VIP-880FO comes with intuitive user-friendly, yet powerful management interface (web/telnet), that can dramatically reduce IT personnel resource, and complete VoIP deployment in a short time, plus remote management capability, VoIP administrators can monitor machine/network status, or proceeds maintenance/trouble-shooting service via Internet browser or telnet session.Besides, it provides voice channels status display and optimized packet voice streaming over managed and public (Internet) IP networks.

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