Шлюз Planet VIP-281SW

Цена: 12329 руб

Артикул: VIP-281SW
Доставка: от 800 р. по Москве
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Указанная цена актуальна при заказе от 25 000 руб., при заказе на меньшую сумму, стоимость может измениться в сторону увеличения.

300Mbps IEEE802.11b/g/n Wireless VoIP Router, SIP/2*FXS, SNMP, QoS, WPS, T.38/FOIP, 3-Way Conference, NAT, Caller ID, Auto Provision

The VIP-281SW provides not only high-quality voice communications and wired Internet sharing capabilities but also the access point (AP) function for flexible wireless communication. With advanced router and VoIP DSP processor technology, the VIP-281SW is able to make calls via SIP proxy voice communications plus the IP sharing and the QoS mechanism.

By applying the VIP-281SW, home users and companies are able to save installation cost and extend the VoIP network from their previous investments in telephones, conferences and speakerphones. The VIP-281SW is equipped with two telephony interfaces, so users may register to different SIP proxy servers and establish up to 2 concurrent VoIP calls for more flexibility in the voice communications. The VIP-281SW can also be the bridge between traditional analog telephones and IP network with an extremely affordable investment.

With built-in IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless network capability, the VIP-281SW allows any computer and wireless enabled network client to connect to it without additional cabling. The 802.11n wireless capability gives users the highest speed of wireless experience ever. With an 802.11n compatible wireless adapter installed in your PC, the files can be transferred at up to 300Mbps. The radio coverage is also doubled to offer the high speed wireless connection even in a wide space of your office or house.

To secure the wireless communication, the VIP-281SW supports most up-to-date encryptions: WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK. In addition, the VIP-281SW supports WPS configuration with PBC/PIN type for users to connect to a secured wireless network easily.

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