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Маршрутизатор Planet WPG-130N

Цена: 16524 руб

Артикул: WPG-130N
Доставка: от 600 р. по Москве
Наличие:В наличии

Указанная цена актуальна при заказе от 25 000 руб., при заказе на меньшую сумму, стоимость может измениться в сторону увеличения.

Portable 11N Wireless Presentation Gateway

PLANET WPG-130N is a portable wireless presentation gateway that applies IEEE 802.11n technology. It is designed with a VGA video output interface in handy size and ultra lightweight. You can easily take the WPG-130N to anywhere you want for wireless presentation at any time. With the hardware decoding capability, the WPG-130N can project high-definition video on the screen through wireless connection. It facilitates multiple users to freely display the presentations, images and videos wirelessly without swapping lots of cables to connect to a projector or LCD TV.

Easy to Use, Plug and Show

The connected users can directly download the embedded windows-based utility from the WPG-130N web UI or simply execute the utility from created USB token. It offers the most convenient way for the new user to project the presentation in seconds. Just link the PC / Laptop to the WPG-130N wirelessly and the presentation content will be projected to the connected projector easily.

4-to-1 Split Screen Projection

With this 4-to-1 split screen feature, the WPG-130N supports up to four PC / Laptop screens that can be projected through one projector at the same time. Therefore, the meeting participants can easily process synchronous content comparison from four PCs / Laptops to increase meeting efficiency.

Pocket-size Design and Power over VGA (PoVGA)

PLANET WPG-130N is a wireless presentation gateway designed in pocket size, and it weighs only 52g. The compact design is convenient for users to connect with any projector and hidden very well once it is plugged into the VGA port of the projector. Furthermore, the WPG-130N supports PoVGA (Power over VGA) so that it can be fed power from the VGA connector of the compatible projectors. Even the last cable on the device, the power cord, will also become unnecessary.

AP Client Mode

You can enable the AP Client Mode function to make the WPG-130N join the existing Access Point through Wi-Fi. This feature provides flexibility of wireless network deployment in enterprise environment. The participants in the meeting are able to surf the Internet and access to Intranet all the time, even when wireless presentations are projecting.

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