KVM-переключатель Adder Link SVMS4-DS

Цена: 51030 

Артикул: SVMS4-DS
Доставка: от 800 р. по Москве
Наличие:В наличии
4port dual video head, dual serial head KVM Switch

Video resolution

High bandwidth video supported at resolutions up to 1920 x 1440. Supports VGA / SVGA / XGA / XGA-2 / SXGA and UXGA video and VESA DDC1 and DDC2 signalling. Screen saver feature with user selectable "kick in" time.

Hardware compatibility

Compatible with desktop and laptop PCs, RS6000, SGI and DEC Alphas

O/S compatibility

All known software and operating systems including Windows (all), DOS, Linux, Unix, BSD, Sun OS, Solaris, Mac OS, NetWare etc.

Local console(s)

Video: HDD15

Keyboard/Mouse: MiniDin6

Serial: DB9 male

Options/Flash upgrade port: DB15 female

Computer connections

Video: HDD15,

Keyboard/Mouse: MiniDin6

Serial: DB9 female

Physical design

Metal case 260 mm/10.2 in. (w) x 105 mm/4.3 in. (h) x 155 mm/6.1 in. (d)

Power supply

Interface powered from attached keyboard. Optional external power socket provided

Operating temp.

0 deg C to 40 deg C / 32 deg F to 104 deg F


Complies with European EMC directive 89/336/EEC. CE marked. FCC class A compliant

Order Codes

SVMS4-S: 4 port single video head, single serial head KVM switch
SVMS4-DS: 4 port dual video head, dual serial head KVM switch


Optional Accessories

RC1: Remote control keypad
4 button remote control switch with 2m cable
Converter for connecting a SUN computer to the Adder unit
PS/2 style keyboard/mouse cable 2m
USB to PS/2 converter cable, USB type A to 2x 6 pin female 200mm
Optional power supply plus country specific mains cable